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Office Ultrasonic Fruit Wash sink Mini Sink Dishwasher

  • DW-VC4952

  • Mouchang / OEM


Our sink Dishwasher - the perfect addition to your kitchen for all your dishwashing needs. This professional-grade appliance is designed to make your dishwashing experience effortless and efficient.

With its versatile functionality, our Sink Dishwasher can be used to wash dishes, fruits, vegetables, seafood, and more. Say goodbye to the hassle of hand-washing and let our dishwasher take care of the dirty work for you. Featuring an embedded installation design, the door cover opens upward, making it incredibly easy to place your dishes inside. The 360-degree spray rinse ensures thorough cleaning, while the high-temperature water wash at 70 degrees Celsius eliminates any stubborn stains or bacteria. Plus, the residual heat drying feature leaves your dishes spotless and ready to use. Crafted with high-quality materials, the interior of our Sink Dishwasher is made from 304 stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. The door cover is constructed with 3mm tempered glass, providing both safety and a sleek aesthetic.

Invest in our Sink Dishwasher and enjoy the convenience and efficiency it brings to your kitchen. With its professional tone and exceptional features, this appliance is a must-have for any modern home.

Product Parameters

Product feature

  • sink dishwasher is with separate heating plate, and the ultrasonic parts is inset the bottom of sink.

  • The self-developed procedures of washing dishes, fruits and vegetable.

  • 3D stereo high pressure spray, 360 all-directional cleaning

  • Suitable dishes, cups and other tableware card position, reasonable placement, to achieve a very good cleaning effect

  • 1800W independent heating plate, using the top fast heating technology

  • 70 degree high temperature dishes cleaning and spray washing, comprehensive cleaning, but also play a bactericidal role

  • Ultrasonic embedding is installed at the bottom of the sink to more effectively clean fruits and vegetables, remove 99% of farm residues. 

  • Embedded installation design is more stable, will not fall off because of long-term vibration.


  • According to the need to increase ozone cleaning, disinfection function, eat healthy fruit.

  • Efficient use of waste heat and waste temperature for drying operation, energy saving and environmental protection

  • One key high temperature cavity cleaning, more assured to use

Applications scenarios

Product Application Scenarios for Sink Dishwasher:

1. Scenario: Cleaning Various Tableware

Description: The sink dishwasher can be used to clean a wide range of tableware items such as bowls, plates, cups, chopsticks, and spoons. It provides a convenient and efficient way to remove food residues and stains from these items, ensuring their cleanliness and hygiene.

2. Scenario: Washing Various Vegetables

Description: The sink dishwasher is also suitable for cleaning various vegetables like potatoes, onions, broccoli, cabbage, and tomatoes. By utilizing its powerful water jets and specialized cleaning cycles, it effectively removes dirt, pesticides, and other contaminants from the vegetables, ensuring their safety for consumption.

3. Scenario: Cleansing Various Fruits

Description: With the sink dishwasher, users can effortlessly clean different types of fruits including apples, oranges, watermelons, and star fruits. By utilizing gentle cleaning modes and adjustable water pressure, it effectively removes dirt, wax, and other impurities from the fruit surfaces, promoting healthier eating habits.

4. Scenario: Washing Various Seafood and Meat

Description: The sink dishwasher can handle the cleaning of various seafood and meat items such as chicken, chicken wings, shellfish, and fish. By utilizing its specialized cleaning cycles and adjustable water temperature, it effectively removes fish scales, blood stains, and other residues, ensuring the cleanliness and safety of the food.

5. Scenario: Cleaning Baby Toys

Description: The sink dishwasher can be used to clean a variety of small toys for babies. By utilizing its gentle cleaning modes and adjustable water pressure, it effectively removes dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants from the toys, ensuring a safe and hygienic play environment for infants.

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