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Hotel Dish Washing Freestand Integrated Sink Dishwasher

  • DW-V8-9060

  • Mouchang / OEM


Drawer-type freestand sink dishwasher, Introducing our drawer-type sink dishwasher, a versatile appliance that combines a sink, dishwasher, ultrasonic cleaning, and cabinet functionality. Designed with a professional tone, this product offers a range of features to enhance your kitchen experience.

The countertop features a double-basin stainless steel sink, with the right basin specifically equipped with ultrasonic function, can clean seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables cleaner, with the dish dryer and cutting board, cutting vegetables and drain water simultaneously. The lower left is the cabinet, storage, installation of water purifier and garbage disposal. The lower right is the drawer type dishwasher, using 360 degree rotating spray arm, high pressure water flow no dead Angle strong spray, combined with 70 degree high temperature, quickly dissolve oil, wash clean and thoroughly. High temperature steam disinfection, effectively kill stubborn bacteria. Intelligent design, residual temperature drying. One machine, meet the dish washing, fruit and vegetable purification, disinfection, storage and other requirements. Eight sets of dishes can be cleaned at a time. The independent design of cabinet type can be placed in the position that you want to put at will, the height of 80cm is the same as most of the cabinet height, and 4 feet can adjust the height to the existing cabinet according to the need.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our drawer-type freestand sink dishwasher, a professional-grade appliance that combines multiple functionalities to elevate your kitchen experience.

Product Parameters

Product feature

  • The self-developed procedures of washing dishes, meat, fruits and vegetables.

Double control panel, intelligent micro computer touch control

Ultrasonic bowl with 5 keys (Ultrasonic / [On/Off] / Fruits / Vegetables / Meat);

Dishwasher with 5 keys(Preset / Wash setting / Lock / [Start/Pause] / [On/Off]).

  • Suitable dishes, cups and other tableware card position in dish basket.

  • Wash tableware surface by 360 degrees continuous through high temperature (70 ℃), and decomposition of washing powder, finally achieve the dual effect of cleaning and sterilization.

  •  The bottom of the ultrasonic is embedded installation, more effectively clean fruits and vegetables, remove 99% of agricultural residues.

  • Repeated cycle cleaning in four stages, comprehensive truly clean

Strong washing procedure as an example

  • Self-cleaning and filtration system

Automatic slag filtering and slag discharge to ensure clean water flow and prevent secondary pollution

Planar filter: filter and absorb granular residue and food from circulating water

Main filter: filter out large pieces of residue, such as bones, to prevent blocking the drainage pump

Microfilter:This layer of filtration ensures that during washing, dirt and residue remain here without entering the  

circulating water to recontaminate the tableware again

  • Equipped with the drying function of hot fan, according to different user procedures, after the machine operation program is completed, blow the machine with hot air drying (80 minutes-100 minutes), the machine automatically conducts cold air ventilation every 4 hours in standby state, eliminate the humid air in the inner tank, strengthen the drying, and eliminate the odor.

  • The distributor can automatically distribute dishwasher powder, rinse agent during washing.

Part name :

1-Splitter cover buckle

2-dish washer or dishwasher block placement area

3-dispenser cover

4-bleach visit hole

5-bleach cover (manually added)

6-Bleach delivery port (machine automatic release)

Applications scenarios

Here are the specific applications scenarios of sink dishwasher

1. Sink dishwasher can be used to clean all kinds of tableware, such as bowls, dishes, cups, chopsticks, spoons, etc

2. Sink dishwasher can be used to wash all variety of vegetables such as potatoes, Onions, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, etc

3. Sink dishwasher can be used to wash all variety of fruits such as apples, oranges, watermelons, star fruit, etc

4. Sink dishwasher can be used for cleaning a variety of seafood and meat, such as chicken, chicken wings, shellfish, fish and so on

5. Sink dishwashers can be used to clean baby variety of baby toys

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