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Kitchen Washing Basin Small Square 304 Stainlesss Steel Sink

  • MC-S3838

  • Mouchang / OEM


Single bowl kitchen sink, square design let the sink installed more fit the edge of the cabinet curve, using advanced stainless steel material, The surface is treated with different effects, can achieve different visual effect, polishing, electroplating, satin, decor, some also through nano processing to sink surface color, classic silver, black, gun-gray, let the sink more joker in the kitchen. Kitchen sink can still be matched faucet and pure water faucet, meet the habit of water at ordinary times.

Product Parameters

Product feature

  • The sink can open the tap hole and soap trap hole.

  • With overflow holes to prevent the water in the tank from the overflow water outlet when it is full.

  • Hook with 12 points welding to install more firmly, installed with a slips.

There is a sound insulation pad at the bottom to relieve the sound of water impact on the pelvic floor

• Other optional specification:

Applications scenarios

1. Home kitchen: The stainless steel sink is designed to be used in residential kitchens, providing a convenient and functional space for various activities. It can be installed in the countertop or as an under-mount sink, seamlessly blending with the kitchen decor. With its versatile functionality, the sink allows for washing dishes, vegetables, fruits, and meats, making it an essential tool for everyday cooking and meal preparation. Additionally, it can be used for personal hygiene purposes such as hand washing or washing small household items.

2. Office pantry: In a professional setting, the stainless steel sink finds its application in office pantries. It offers a practical solution for employees to clean their lunch containers, utensils, and cups after meals. The sink's compact size and elegant design make it an ideal choice for office spaces, ensuring a hygienic and organized environment. Moreover, it can be utilized for washing hands or other personal items, promoting cleanliness and convenience in the workplace.

3. Restaurants and cafes: The stainless steel sink is a valuable asset in the foodservice industry, specifically in restaurants and cafes. With its durable construction and ergonomic design, it can withstand the demanding requirements of a commercial kitchen. Chefs and kitchen staff can efficiently clean cooking utensils, cutlery, and food ingredients, maintaining high standards of cleanliness and food safety. The sink's versatility extends to handwashing and cleaning various kitchen tools, enhancing overall hygiene practices in the food preparation area.

4. Recreational vehicles (RVs): For those who enjoy traveling in RVs, the stainless steel sink serves as a practical addition to their mobile lifestyle. Its compact size and lightweight nature make it suitable for installation in recreational vehicles, ensuring a convenient and functional washing area on the go. Whether it's washing dishes, fruits, vegetables, or personal items, the sink provides the necessary amenities for maintaining cleanliness and sanitation during travel.

In summary, the stainless steel sink is a versatile product that finds application in various settings. Its functionality extends beyond traditional dish washing, allowing users to wash a wide range of items such as cutlery, vegetables, fruits, meats, and more. With its ability to be used in homes, offices, restaurants, and even recreational vehicles, the sink offers a convenient and hygienic solution for everyday tasks.

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