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Commercial Large Bowl with Drain Board Stainless Steel Sink

  • Size: 1500x500mm
  • Thickness: 0.6 / 0.8mm
  • Depth: 160 / 180 / 190mm
  • Material: 201SS / 304SS
  • MC-S15050M

  • Mouchang / OEM


Double bowl counter top sink with double drain board, large size, double drain board design, use more convenient, the two side of the bowl has an independent drain board. Usually, you can place the commonly used dishes,.The same design can do 1 meter, 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters length, to meet the use of all kinds of size families. The three side of the 20mm side width, one side of the up-folded design, can block the water splash.

Product Parameters

Product feature

  • 1.5 long double panel design to meet the use of the large family.

  • With overflow holes to avoid the water outlet when it is full.

  • Around with 20mm edge design, each side has a double folded to avoid scratch hand.

  • The whole bottom has a 5mm thickened sound insulation pad.

  • Water hole of Ф 70mm is popular

  • Polish Finish is popular 

Applications scenarios

Product Application Scenarios for 1.5M big single bowl with drain board:

1. Household Use:

The 1.5M big single bowl with drain board is designed to cater to various household needs. It can be used for washing dishes, cleaning fruits and vegetables, as well as cleaning different types of meat and seafood. With its versatile functionality, this sink becomes an essential component of any modern kitchen. Its deep basin and durable construction ensure efficient and effective cleaning, allowing homeowners to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

2. Restaurant Use:

In small restaurants, the 1.5M big single bowl with drain board serves multiple purposes. It is primarily used for dish washing, providing a convenient and efficient solution for cleaning utensils, plates, and other kitchenware. Additionally, the sink can be used for washing vegetables and preparing ingredients, ensuring a seamless workflow in the bustling kitchen environment. Its sturdy construction and spacious design make it ideal for handling the high volume of cleaning required in a restaurant setting.

3. Hospital Use:

The 1.5M big single bowl with drain board finds its application in hospitals primarily for hand washing purposes. Maintaining proper hand hygiene is crucial in healthcare settings to prevent the spread of infections. The sink's ergonomic design, coupled with its easy-to-clean surface, ensures a seamless hand washing experience for medical professionals.

In summary, the 1.5M big single bowl with drain board serves a variety of application scenarios, ranging from household use to commercial settings like restaurants and hospitals. Its versatile functionality, durable construction, and hygienic properties make it a reliable and efficient solution for various cleaning and hand washing needs.

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