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Safe Lock For Money Password Dual Lock Hotel Safe Box

  • MC-SB2042F

  • Mouchang / OEM


Introducing our Hotel Safe Box, a secure and reliable solution for safeguarding your valuable belongings. With a sturdy construction and advanced features, this safe box is designed to meet the high-security demands of the hospitality industry.

Constructed with a 1.5mm thick wall and a 4.0mm thick door panel, our Hotel Safe Box ensures maximum protection against unauthorized access. The sandblasted and spray-painted cold-rolled steel shell adds an extra layer of durability and enhances its professional appearance. Equipped with a user-friendly LCD display, the Hotel Safe Box allows for easy operation and provides clear instructions. The electronic button panel offers a seamless and hassle-free experience, ensuring quick access to your belongings.

Our Hotel Safe Box features an automatic electronic lock, providing a convenient and secure locking mechanism. It offers three access options: guest password, master password, and key access, providing flexibility and convenience for both guests and staff. With the ability to store up to 240 opening records, our Hotel Safe Box offers a comprehensive audit trail, allowing you to easily track and monitor access to the safe. This feature ensures accountability and provides peace of mind for both guests and management. The inclusion of an emergency power socket ensures uninterrupted access to your valuables, even during power outages. 

Invest in the security and convenience of our Hotel Safe Box, and provide your guests with peace of mind knowing that their valuables are protected. Choose reliability, durability, and advanced features with our professional-grade Hotel Safe Box.

Product Parameters

Product Features

1. Electronic button panel, durable for viewing.

2. Four ways of safe box door opening (guest password, main password, decoder, key), safe and reliable.

3. The decoder can be used to query 240 open-box records, easy to query.

4. The safe box can connect to the computer, easy viewing.

  • Automatic electronic lock ,convenient operation.

  • With the emergency power supply socket, safe backup.

  • The bottom and back is with installation holes to fixed on the counter top or wall.

Product installation Step

(1) According to the existing hole position of the safe, 2 and 3 mounting holes on the wall and the table with electric drill

(2) Point the bottom and back face of the safe at the mounting holes on the wall and countertop, and secure the expansion screws

(3) Installation completed

Applications scenarios

Here are three specific application scenarios for the Safe Box:

1. Hotel Use:

In a hotel setting, the Safe Box serves as a secure storage solution for various valuable items. Guests can utilize the Safe Box to store their passports, identification cards, documents, wallets, watches, keys, driver's licenses, vehicle licenses, and even jewelry. This ensures that their important belongings are kept safe and protected during their stay at the hotel. With the Safe Box, guests can have peace of mind knowing that their valuables are secure and easily accessible whenever needed.

2. Home Use:

Within a household, the Safe Box proves to be highly beneficial for safeguarding important documents and valuable possessions. It can be used to store property ownership certificates, marriage certificates, graduation certificates, professional certificates, insurance contracts, money, and jewelry, among other items. By having a Safe Box at home, individuals can protect their valuable assets from theft, fire, or any other unforeseen circumstances. This provides a sense of security and ensures that important documents and valuables are kept safe and organized within the confines of their own residence.

3. Office Use:

In an office environment, the Safe Box serves multiple purposes to ensure the security and confidentiality of important business-related items. It can be used to store property ownership certificates, lease agreements, sales contracts, agreements, company manuals, business licenses, official seals, bank information, currency, and merchandise, among other items. By utilizing the Safe Box, businesses can protect sensitive documents, valuable assets, and cash reserves from unauthorized access or theft. This promotes a secure working environment and instills confidence in employees, clients, and partners regarding the protection of confidential information and assets.

In summary, the Safe Box is a versatile product that caters to various specific application scenarios. Whether it is used in hotels, homes, or offices, the Safe Box ensures the safety and security of valuable items, important documents, and personal belongings. Its robust construction and advanced security features provide peace of mind to users, knowing that their valuables are protected against theft, fire, and other potential risks.


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