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Restaurant Knob 3000W Electric High Power Induction Cooker

  • MCIC-E08K1

  • Mouchang / OEM


Practical, concave uniform fire low power continuous working induction cooker. Free micro-crystal plate furnace surface, high-grade brushed stainless steel panel, transparent PC face cover, all aluminum alloy hotline panel. Fried, fry, steam, boil, even fire low temperature continuous heating is not easy to stick, high temperature fast stir-fry without stop, continuous working induction cooker can be set within 4 hours at any time shut down. Double no limit knob, adjusting time and power. With the suitable pot, can cook freely. Double fan heat dissipation, radiation prevention, photoelectric insect repellent. The fire power of continuous working induction cooker was adjustable at 100,200, 300,600, 900,1200, 1500,1800, 2100, 2400,2700,3000,3500w. Delicious food, fragrant and delicious, original taste, rich in nutrition.

Product Parameters

Product Advantage

3500W high power, sustainable stir-fry, fast heating and heating up, cooking food is fast and good. 

Even fire low power continuous heating, to meet the low temperature slow cooking, slow frying, slow stewing food

The induction cooker body is thick, using the high strength concave micro-crystal panel, the surface is not easy to scratch, concave cook surface design, so that the heat is larger, pan and arc pot can be applicable.

Double infinite knob control time and power, timing or appointment time, the selected power are two independent display display, at a glance. The design of the induction cooker adopts 13 power gears to meet various cooking needs.

The brushed stainless steel panel surface is covered with transparent PC face cover, high-grade durable and easy to clean.

Concave uniform fire pure copper heating coil plate, increase heating area, heat more evenly, strong oxidation resistance, good corrosion resistance, small resistance coefficient, good conductivity.

Fresh material ABS bottom shell, overall stamping molding, low temperature shock resistance. Turbine heat dissipation, low noise; 1.5 meters long bold power line, safe and reliable.

Applications scenarios

Here are three specific applications scenarios of induction cooker

1. Household use:

Boil water,coffee, milk,tea,soup and medicine;

Slow fry cakes,eggs and fish;

Barbecue meat,beef, bread and fish;

Strong fry vegetables, meat, melon and rice;

Steam meat, eggs, fish, ribs and buns;

Cook corn, potatoes, meat, ribs;

Hot pot...etc.

2. Office use: Boil water, coffee, milk and tea.

3. Restaurant use: Food soup heat preservation, hot pot, fry and bbq meat, ribs, bun, etc.

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