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Party Events Warm Coffee Rectangle Warming Tray With Heater

  • MC-FWHN8040

  • Mouchang / OEM


Product design concept

Introducing our revolutionary product, the Food warming tray! This innovative device is designed to elevate your dining experience, especially during gatherings and holidays when all the dishes are served together. Say goodbye to cold dishes, especially those like beef and lamb that are simply not enjoyable when they cool down.

Even during regular meals at home, it's common for dishes to cool down as you chat with your family and slowly enjoy your meal. With the Food warming tray, you can now keep your food warm and delicious throughout your entire dining experience.

The Food warming tray features an integrated electric heating system, allowing you to place your dishes directly on the board to keep them warm. This means that every bite of your meal will be just as hot and flavorful as the first. No more rushing to finish your food before it gets cold!

Not only does the Food warming tray keep your food warm, but it also adds a touch of elegance to your dining table. Its sleek and modern design will complement any decor, making it a stylish addition to your home.

In addition to its practical benefits, the Food warming tray also encourages a healthier eating habit. By keeping your food warm, it prevents the need for reheating, which can lead to nutrient loss. You can now enjoy your meal at the perfect temperature, retaining all the essential nutrients for a balanced diet.It’s compatible with induction cookers, making it easy to cook and keep your food warm.

Upgrade your dining experience with the Food warming tray. Say goodbye to cold meals and savor every bite of your delicious food. Embrace the joy of cooking and adopt a healthier eating lifestyle. With the Food warming tray, every meal will be a warm and satisfying experience.

Our warming tray with induction cooker set heat preservation, intelligent boiling water, bbq, cooking in one. The panel adopts the perfect combination of tempered glass and micro-crystal plate, the high temperature resistant micro-crystal plate can withstand 600 degrees, to meet the cooking of all kinds of food, the surface is very easy to wipe clean. The warming function has 17 kinds of temperature gears, which can be directly adjusted by up and down buttons; the cooking function has 50 kinds of power gears, with low power of 200W and maximum power of 1800W. Human body touch design arc frame, touch operation, can set 2 hours timing shutdown function, and humanized design of the child lock function.

Product Parameters

Product Features

  • Multi-function intelligent control board, 200W low-power intelligent temperature control, fried and baked delicious steak.

  • There are 17 kinds of temperature levels in the warming tray area, 45℃ ~130℃. It can be adjusted every 5℃ up or down, and the temperature can be adjusted according to the actual needs.

  • Induction cooker cooking area has 50 kinds of power gear adjustable, P1~P7: intermittent work, play the role of heating and insulation, P8~P50: 200W low power continuous work, up to 1800W, can meet all kinds of frying, cooking, stewing and other cooking needs.

  • Multi-function warming tray with timing function, 1 minute ~2 hours, timing shutdown, timing button at the same time with child lock function, use more secure.

  • The induction cooker cooking area adopts high temperature resistant micro-crystal polishing panel, and other insulation areas adopt high strength tempered glass, which is very durable, safe and easy to clean.

  • Aluminum alloy frame decoration around, the curve design is easy to hold and clean.

  • 4 anti-skid feet, the height of 25mm, the insulation board is 25mm away from the desktop, the heat dissipation effect is better.

Applications scenarios

1. Application Scenario: Home Kitchen

Description: The food warming tray with induction cooker is an ideal addition to any home kitchen. Its versatile design allows for various applications, making it perfect for everyday use. The warming tray area can be used to heat and keep various foods warm, such as milk, tea, coffee, wine, water, and soup. Additionally, it can also be used to dry and defrost a variety of food items. The induction cooker area provides the functionality of boiling water, making soup, preparing hot pot dishes, brewing medicinal concoctions, and frying various foods like beef, eggs, chicken wings, and potatoes. With its compact size and user-friendly controls, this product is a convenient and efficient solution for cooking and warming food in the comfort of your own home.

2. Application Scenario: Hotel Buffet

Description: The food warming tray with induction cooker is an essential equipment for hotel buffets. Its innovative design and functionality make it a valuable addition to any buffet setup. The warming tray area allows for the efficient heating and preservation of a wide range of food items, including milk, tea, coffee, wine, water, and soup. This ensures that guests can enjoy their meals at the desired temperature throughout their dining experience. Furthermore, the induction cooker area offers the versatility to cook various dishes, such as boiling water, preparing soups, cooking hot pot delicacies, simmering medicinal brews, and frying delectable items like beef, eggs, chicken wings, and potatoes. With its reliable performance and durable construction, this product is an excellent choice for maintaining the quality and temperature of food in hotel buffet settings.

3. Application Scenario: Restaurant

Description: The food warming tray with induction cooker is a must-have appliance for restaurant. Its multifunctional design and high-performance capabilities make it an indispensable tool for chefs and kitchen staff. The warming tray area provides a convenient solution for heating and keeping a wide assortment of food items warm, including milk, tea, coffee, wine, water, and soup. This ensures that dishes can be served at the perfect temperature, enhancing the overall dining experience for customers. Additionally, the induction cooker area offers the versatility to perform various cooking tasks, such as boiling water, making soups, preparing hot pot dishes, simmering medicinal concoctions, and frying an array of ingredients like beef, eggs, chicken wings, and potatoes. With its advanced features and precision control, this product is a reliable and efficient choice for meeting the demanding requirements of restaurant.


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