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Multi Functional Silicone Double Burner Hot Pot With Grill

  • MC-MP01

  • Mouchang / OEM


Introducing our professional-grade hot pot with grill, a versatile appliance designed to meet all your culinary needs. This multi-functional product is perfect for home and office use, offering a wide range of features that will elevate your cooking experience.

Multi-functional Cooker is with double pans configuration. It is good at frying, steaming, baking and stewing everything. Plane frying pan with a surface protruding pit grain, is suitable for frying and roasting fish, meat, cake, etc., the kitchen can also fry a delicious western food. Deep cooking pan with a large capacity, is cooking more food, effectively preventing soup boiling overflow pot, suitable for hot pot, grilling fish and lobster, etc. There are also 4 small pans options, are suitable for making a variety of snacks.

Double pans are ceramic glaze spray layer, healthy, non-touch and easy to clean. Double disc heaters, with 1600w power, is large fire to speed heat, uniform heating. Stepless temperature knob control, follow the accurate control of each temperature. High-gear suitable for steaming and cooking, stir-frying and hot pot; medium gear suitable for braising, stewing and frying; low gear suitable for slow cooking, slow fire for sauce. Separated pot body, double pans are cleaning leisurely.

Invest in our hot pot with grill and unlock a world of culinary possibilities. Experience the convenience, versatility, and superior cooking capabilities that this product offers. Elevate your cooking game and indulge in the delicious flavors created with our exceptional hot pot with grill.

Product Parameters

Product feature

  • 2.5L big deep pot, to meet the needs of dinner and party.

  • Step-less temperature knob control, temperature regulation from 80~220℃,accurately control every minute of temperature.

  • Die-cast aluminum alloy heating plate, 2 heating disc independent knob control, can be opened separately for cooking, strong applicability, free control.

  • Small hot pot with the BBQ grill pan, cooking / grill / steam, can do any food as you like.

  • Deep pot configuration, plus optional 3 small grill pans and one big grill pan, Food-grade aluminum alloy material, health and heating fast and uniform, complete functions to meet a variety of cooking needs.

  • Electric surface fuel injection ceramic glaze coating, non-stick and healthy, easy to clean.

Applications scenarios

1. Home Use:

This hot pot with grill is perfect for various cooking needs in a household setting. It can be used to prepare hot pot dishes, allowing family members or guests to enjoy a communal dining experience. The product also excels in making delicious soups and stews, providing a convenient option for simmering ingredients and extracting flavors. Additionally, it is suitable for cooking rice porridge, ensuring a warm and comforting meal. Furthermore, the product can be utilized to cook noodles, providing a quick and easy solution for a satisfying meal. Moreover, its grilling function allows users to indulge in the pleasure of cooking and enjoying grilled meats, such as barbecue and ribs.

2. Office Use:

In an office environment, this hot pot with grill serves as a versatile cooking appliance. It is particularly useful for preparing rice porridge, enabling employees to have a nutritious and hearty meal during breaks. Additionally, it can be utilized to cook noodles, providing a convenient option for a quick lunch or snack. The product's compact size and easy-to-use features make it suitable for office settings, ensuring that employees can enjoy warm and delicious meals without the need for extensive cooking equipment.

3. Restaurant Use:

This hot pot with grill is an ideal choice for restaurants, offering a wide range of cooking options. It is particularly well-suited for serving hot pot dishes, allowing customers to enjoy a communal dining experience and customize their meals with various ingredients. Moreover, the product's grilling function provides restaurants with the ability to offer grilled meat options, such as barbecue and ribs, enhancing the menu and attracting meat lovers. The versatility of this product makes it an essential addition to any restaurant kitchen, providing the flexibility to cater to different culinary preferences and offering a unique dining experience for customers.

In summary, the hot pot with grill product offers a multitude of application scenarios. Whether it is for home use, office use, or restaurant use, this versatile appliance enables users to prepare a variety of dishes, including hot pot, soups, rice porridge, noodles, and grilled meats. Its functionality and convenience make it an indispensable tool for cooking enthusiasts, households, office pantries, and restaurants alike.

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