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Kitchen Smart Big Bowl Multipurpose Waterfall Handmade Sink

  • MC-S8045HF

  • Mouchang / OEM


Multi-functional handmade sink, the bowl and top panel using integrated stretching and manual process combination, sink bowl of floor design using U-shaped slope diversion water, so that the drainage is concentrated in a corner. After the installation of the strainer, the bottom of the storage space is very large. Multi-functional handmade sink can collocate pull out kitchen faucet with multi kinds of water falling, soap dispenser, high pressure cup washer, placed knife holder, small basin cleaning, drain basket, cutting board and other functions.

Product Parameters

Product feature

Widened panel design, additional faucet, knife holder, soap dispenser, cup washer and other functions.Floor design, can be placed basket, chopping board, etc., improve the use of space.

High pressure cup washer, save time and effort, high pressure water outlet hole, multi-angle cleaning for every corner.

Embedded kitchen pull out faucet, knob control the waterfall outlet, buttons control three kinds of water outlet.

The drainage hole is on the far right, it makes more available space at the bottom of the sink for placing kitchenware, water purifiers and so on

Stainless steel nano-treated small sink bowl and drain basket, very suitable position design in first or second floor, cleaning fruits and vegetables more convenient.

Double layer filter slag design of the strainer, intelligent knob control drainage.

U-shaped water guide line, rapid drainage.High water level overflow, when go out and forget to turn off water, prevent water overflow, speed up drainage.

It can be installed on the countertop of cabinet or under the countertop to meet different aesthetic experiences.

Applications scenarios

Here are the specific applications scenarios of multi functional kitchen sink

1. Household: multi functional kitchen sink can be used for washing dishes, washing fruits and vegetables, washing all kinds of meat, seafood, etc.

2. Restaurants use: multi functional kitchen sink can be used in small restaurants for washing dishes, washing dishes, washing hands and so on.

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