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Kitchen Multi Functional 3L Digital Low Sugar Rice Cooker

  • MC-LRC300

  • Mouchang / OEM


Low sugar rice cooker, double water spray oil non-stick pot tank, separated from the host, 304 stainless steel without sugar case without sugar, to achieve the real separation of rice soup and rice. The whole cover is displayed on a large LED screen, IMD touch panel control, using a more uniform spherical heating plate heating, a variety of cooking functions, cooking, low-sugar rice, porridge, soup, steamed cake, etc., with a 24-hour reservation function.

Product Parameters

Product feature

Low-sugar rice: Filter out excess starch and sugar from rice to healthy and prevent aging. It is very helpful to people with diabetes and hypertension. Use 3 large boiled rice technology, steam out fragrant soft good rice.

(1) Arc liner, surround heating technology, fire heat, uniform heat conduction.

(2) Rice soup separation: dissolve the starch, through the steam micro-pressure upward from the conical hole to the rice soup plate (low sugar plate), rice soup completely separated, do not back-flow into the rice.

4 Digital LED display, glass control panel, sensor touch, easy to operate

Low sugar plate, with 2 handles, in the cooking, steamed vegetables can be done at the same time. Fully functional, designed to for convenient, reliable, safe, 9 menus that meet your daily cooking needs

24-hour preset function, with an adjustable cooking time

The arc design of the arc design increases the heating area, the die-cast aluminum material makes the heat penetrate evenly, fast cooking, at the same time with anti-drying protection, automatic insulation.

Applications scenarios

Here are the specific applications scenarios of low sugar rice cooker

1. Household use: Obese people, three high people, need low-sugar rice. Can make cooking, low-sugar rice, porridge, soup, steamed cake, etc.

2. Office: White-collar workers who love beauty, need low-sugar food.


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