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House Parties Adjustable Temperature Digital Warming Tray

  • MC-FW6141

  • Mouchang / OEM


Product design concept

When the weather gets cold, the fried dishes become cold before they are eaten, which seriously affects the taste. At parties, festivals, when all the dishes are served, the first fried dishes will slowly cool at the table, especially when beef and mutton are not cold to eat. At ordinary times, while talking with your family and eat slowly, the dish will become cold. If there is a heating board that can keep the temperature, you can eat hot food at any time. The dishes on the table will remain warm and will not affect the appetite and taste. Eating hot rice and hot dishes is also a healthy way to eat.

Our hot plate surface using high strength tempered glass, the surface of the water stains, oil, residue can be casually wiped clean. The hot plate has 17 temperature stalls, which can set the required temperature to keep the food on the panel warm according to the insulation requirements of different drinks and food. The edge of the hot plate adopts the curved design, which is more convenient for both hands to grasp. Touch operation, can set 24 hours appointment heat preservation, can also timer the heat preservation, there is a child lock function, to avoid children accidentally touch the key function.

Product Parameters

Product Features

Multi-function intelligent control board, intelligent temperature control, safe heating.

Food warmer has 17 temperature gears 45℃ ~130℃, adjustable every 5℃ up or down, each function is set with the default panel heating temperature: food (85℃), milk (45℃), tea (60℃), wine (55℃), water (50℃), soup (80℃), drying (75℃) and thawing (50℃), the temperature can be adjusted according to the actual needs.

Food warmer with a timing function, 30 minutes ~8 hours, timing shutdown. At the same time, you can set the preset startup time, from 30 minutes to 24 hours.

4mm thick tempered glass panels, safe, durable and easy to clean.

Food warmer is inlaid aluminum alloy curve frame around, the gold appearance is very noble. It is a kind of additional adornment when put in the kitchen or sitting room.

15MM high anti-skid foot, let the food warmer far from the table is not easy to hot the table, at the same time to prevent the soup to the table is not easy to touch the bottom of the food warmer. Use more safely

Applications scenarios

Here are four specific applications scenarios of hot plates

1. Home use: Heat and warm meals, milk, tea, coffee, wine, water, soup, dry and thaw all kinds of food.

2. Hotel use: Heat and warm food, wine, water, soup, dry and thaw all kinds of food.

3. Pastry shop use: Heat and warm all kinds of cakes.

4. Dining hall use: Heat and warm food, water, soup, dry and thaw all kinds of food.


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