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Home Smart Bbq Low Power Ultra Thin 1800W Induction Cooker

  • MCIC-N01

  • Mouchang / OEM


Ultra-thin, beautiful, accurate temperature control induction cooker, full microcrystal polishing plate furnace surface, pure copper coil plate, intelligent boiling water, stir-fry, frying, cooking and stewing all heart, can be regular and child lock protection. Touch control, 50 gear optional, p1-p7 intermittent insulation, p8-p50 continuous uniform heat. Accurate temperature induction cooker makes Food not easy to stick to the pot, delicious, fragrant, delicious, original juice, original taste, rich in nutrition.

Product Parameters

Product Advantage

The furnace surface is wide, and it can be placed in a larger pot, 40mm ultra-thin body is light to carry.

Full microcrystal polishing board furnace surface, atmosphere, beautiful, easy to scrub, high temperature resistance, not easy to burst, health.

Good shape design with gold aluminium surrounding edge decoration, high-grade, style. PP bottom shell, high temperature resistance, fall resistance, insulation safety.

Complete functions, powerful and widely used. 50 gear power adjustable, gear more, fire adjustable.

Touch control, convenient operation, Lock /Timer, ╋ , , On/Off , Water , Fry , BBQ , Cook, each function is with one key to control directly.

Pure copper coil plate, durable and efficient.

Using turbofan, with better heat dissipation effect and low noise.

Applications scenarios

Here are three specific applications scenarios of induction cooker

1. Household use:

Boil water,coffee, milk,tea,soup and medicine;

Slow fry cakes,eggs and fish;

Barbecue meat,beef, bread and fish;

Strong fry vegetables, meat, melon and rice;

Steam meat, eggs, fish, ribs and buns;

Cook corn, potatoes, meat, ribs;

Hot pot...etc.

2. Office use: Boil water, coffee, milk and tea.

3. Restaurant use: Food soup heat preservation, hot pot, fry and bbq meat, ribs, bun, etc.

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